Sri Lanka Private Tours

When it comes to exploring the wonderful Sri Lanka, there is no better option and more flexibility than private tours. As a private tour guide in Sri Lanka, we are proud to offer you personalized itineraries for an unforgettable vacation in this little paradise. Our private tours have been filled with cultural treasures, breathtaking landscapes, and pristine beach experiences.

Why choose The Visit Lanka Tours as your Private Tour Operator in Sri Lanka?

We are a leading tour agency in Sri Lanka with more than 10 years’ experience in the industry. Our TripAdvisor reviews will further elaborate on our excellence. So, Here are the reasons why you chose us for the Private Tours in Sri Lanka:

1) Experienced Guides

We have a team of experienced chauffeurs and driver guides. They are always passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of Sri Lanka. With their expertise, they will accompany you until you finish your beautiful private tour in Sri Lanka. They will offer valuable insights about Sri Lanka’s rich culture, history, destinations, and lifestyle.

2) Personalized Itineraries

With our past experience in the Sri Lankan tourism industry, we know every traveler is unique and has their own preferences. So, we help guests tailor their private tour to match their interests, preferences, and schedules. Sometimes guests are fascinated by cultural destinations, wildlife safaris, adventure, hiking activities, or beach experiences. In all these situations, we create customized itineraries for them to fulfill their desires and give them a truly personalized experience.

3) Exclusive Experiences

One of the highlights of our Private Tours is the exclusive experience that you can have. Imagine you are on a wildlife safari in one of Sri Lanka’s national parks and you are seeing leopards on a tree. Such exclusive and unique experiences will definitely stay with you forever.

4) Assured Privacy

With our Sri Lanka Private Tours, you have enough freedom to explore this paradise island at your own pace. There is no rushing or strict scheduling. You have enough time to explore ancient ruins, watch elephants, take photographs, do water activities, or do any other activity. At the same time, you can enjoy privacy and luxury while traveling with your loved ones. This always creates a personalized travel experience in Sri Lanka.

5) Luxury Accommodations and Transport

The Visit Lanka Tours always aims to bring you a comfortable and luxurious experience during our private tours. We provide luxury transportation services according to the guests preferences. Ranging from first-class hotels to beachfront resorts where they provide you with marvelous views With our famous warm hospitality and wellness treatments, your private tour with us will be memorable for sure.

Types of Private Tours offered by The Visit Lanka Tours

Cultural Tours

Explore the rich history and culture of the proud nation of Sri Lanka with cultural tours. We take you to the famous UNESCO heritage sites, including Dambulla Cave Temple, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Temple of the Tooth Relic, the sacred city of Anuradhapura, the sacred city of Polonnaruwa, and Galle Datch Fort. The cultural triangle is the area where you can explore most of the ancient ruins, sacred temples, sculptures, and many more historical icons. Our experienced driver guides will explain the rich history of those iconic places where you can learn about the history and rich culture of Sri Lanka.

If you prefer a cultural private tour, then the below itineraries will be well suited for you;

Wildlife Tours

If you love to explore the rich wildlife of Sri Lanka, then nothing is better than our Wildlife Tour Package. Sri Lanka is a rich island with wild animals. Where most attract elephants, sloth bears, colorful birds, and leopards. We provide you with a personalized safari experience where you can watch those animals very closely in a safe manner. You can also catch memorable photographs when you get back home.

Here is our private wildlife tour itinerary for you;

Sightseeing Tours

As we mentioned earlier, Sri Lanka is a paradise with so many lovely destinations. Starting from the pristine beaches around the island, you can see magnificent views when you come to the central part of Sri Lanka. Sightseeing tours offer coverage of most of those marvelous destinations. We have specially designed private sightseeing tours, which you can explore below;

Tailor-made Tours

The Visit Lanka Tours is a tour agency that provides options to customize your Sri Lanka tour according to your needs and requirements. A tailor-made Private Tour is a great option to explore paradise on your own. Sometimes, you will love to spend most of your time on the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka, so don’t hesitate to mention it to us by visiting our tailor-made page, where we will be waiting to fulfill your requirement.

Testimonials from our Past Guests

Don’t just believe our word here; These are the positive reviews of our past guests who experienced the private tours with The Visit Lanka Tours. You can further look up the customer reviews by visiting our TripAdvisor profile.

Most people plan their trip to the Maldives for that dream vacation. If you have a little more time and wish to make the long flight to the Maldives worthwhile, consider Sri Lanka, 1½ hour flight from Maldives, for a different yet equally memorable vacation. We had the opportunity to explore Sri Lanka for 11 days via Visit Lanka Tours before heading to the Maldives for a week of sun and relaxation. Manju, our private driver, was top notch – an excellent driver and guide. He ensured our comfort, safety and graciously accommodated our special requests throughout the trip. Manju can assist you in customizing a package to suit any budget, tastes and timeframe. So if you are planning a trip to this part of the world, do consider Sri Lanka and especially Visit Lanka Tours to help you experience this beautiful country. Thank you Manju for a wonderful and amazing time!”

- Wi T


Thank you Manju from Visit Lanka Tours for a wonderful 11 days in beautiful Sri Lanka. The trip was a good blend of culture (temples, local attractions, food), nature (mountain hikes, beaches, wildlife safari) and relaxation (massages and resort pool & beach time). Manju is an excellent and safe driver. His van is spacious, very comfortable and kept clean. He was always prompt and courteous. Interaction with Manju was easy and never felt forced or awkward. He also has a good sense of humor. We could feel his honesty and professionalism which is very important to us in a new and foreign country. He would explain each attraction/area and what to expect…including the pushy people trying to make a few bucks off tourists. On a few occasions, he would join us as a guide on the activity. During the long rides between destinations, we shared information about each another’s country and culture. For me, this provided greater appreciation of the country and the daily lives/struggles of the people and not just the tourist highlights.

As an entrepreneur in his own business, Manju starts his interaction with the customer on day 1 of the tour booking with regular follow ups. He planned the itinerary and organized all the hotel stays…a truly stress free way to travel. We chose the gold package and quickly realized the Sri Lankan “luxury” hotel standards are much different than international standards. As a recommendation to Manju, he should consider a “platinum” package for those higher-end travelers who would prefer a private tour with deluxe international travel standards (for both room and food). For the price of the package though, overall the accommodations were clean and comfortable for the quick stopovers. With that said, Manju did secure accommodations with amazing views at Kandy, Ella (gap front-we probably had the best room in the hotel) and Mirissa Beach (ocean front). The Habarana and Thissamaharama hotels had very nice garden grounds.

The tour package includes daily breakfast and dinner at the hotel (mostly buffet style). We informed Manju we don’t like buffet, especially everyday. Manju helped us request special preparation of food for a number of dinners. One day, we even picked up some vegetable at a farmer market for the chef to cook. This was truly above and beyond for these hotel staff and Manju for trying to appease our tastes.

We can not recommend The Visit Lanka Tours and Manju enough. If you come to Sri Lanka and wish for a safe, reliable and comfortable private tour, please do consider The Visit Lanka Tours. The country is beautiful but it was the people and especially Manju who made this trip most memorable. We wish you Manju and your family the very best and hope one day to visit again.”

- Lancy T


If you need to know more about our private tours and private tour packages, then watch the video below:

How do I book a Private Tour with The Visit Lanka Tours?

If you have decided to land in Sri Lanka for a private tour, then you can choose The Visit Lanka Tours as your tour agency. Our friendly driver guides and the entire team are waiting to give you an unforgettable tour experience.

Let’s build your itinerary!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What are private tours in Sri Lanka?

We can say that private tours are personalized travel experiences. You will have a knowledgeable chauffeur or private driver guide you for the entire journey in Sri Lanka. The guests have the flexibility to plan their itinerary according to their personal preferences. The entire journey will be carried out on their way.

2) Why do I need to select a private tour in Sri Lanka?

There are numerous benefits to selecting a private tour in Sri Lanka. It allows you to customize your itinerary according to your own pace, time frame, and interests while protecting your privacy and comfort. It also gives you the opportunity for exclusive experiences and the personalized attention of your tour guide.

3) Can I customize my private tour itinerary?

For sure! The Visit Lanka Tours specializes in creating customized private tour itineraries for guests. We consider your preferences, interests, and travel requirements to create a unique itinerary that aligns with your desires. Sometimes you want to focus on cultural sites, wildlife safaris, adventure activities, or beach activities. On these occasions, we can tailor the itinerary according to your needs.

4) What types of private tours does The Visit Lanka Tours offer for guests?

We offer a wide range of private tours in Sri Lanka. It includes cultural tours, wildlife tours, adventure tours, beach tours, and special interest tours. Each of those categories provides a different focus that allows you to explore various aspects of the beautiful country of Sri Lanka.

5) Can I choose my accommodation on a private tour with The Visit Lanka Tours?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of comfortable accommodations with private tours. We also offer a selection of carefully chosen accommodations, ranging from star-class hotels to boutique properties. During the initial planning process, we consider your preferences, budget, and other reasons for recommending and booking accommodations in Sri Lanka.

6) Do you provide Transportation along with Private Tours?

Definitely! Your private tours with The Visit Lanka Tours include transportation options. You will have a private vehicle and an experienced chauffeur or driver guide from the beginning to the end of your journey.

7)  Can I join a private tour as a solo traveler with you?

Absolutely! Private tours are a great option for solo travelers. The Visit Lanka Tours can customize a private tour itinerary that caters to your preferences and ensures an unforgettable solo experience in Sri Lanka.

8) Are private tours more expensive than group tours with The Visit Lanka Tours?

As a whole, Private tours are normally more expensive compared to group tours due to their exclusivity and personalized nature. Anyhow, we strive to provide you with competitive pricing and offer a range of tour packages for different budgets and preferences.


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