Why to Visit Sri Lanka - 08 Best Reasons

So, actually, Why to visit Sri Lanka? What are the reasons or factors for visiting Sri Lanka? Is it worth visiting in 2023 or beyond?

If you are a traveler who is in the above mindset, then you will receive all the necessary information for your questions after reading this post. This is a lengthy post, and hopefully you receive all the important details to think about: why to visit Sri Lanka in 2023 or the future?

Table of contents as follows.

  1. A Brief About Sri Lanka
  2. The best Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka 
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Rich Wildlife
  • Tasty Food 
  • Scenic Views and Locations
  • Friendly Climate
  •  Rich history
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Water Sports & Adventure

      3) Future Tourism in Sri Lanka

  • The best time to visit Sri Lanka
  • Why to visit Sri Lanka with The Visit Lanka Tour

      4) Conclusion

Brief About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean with a total area of 65,610 square kilometers. It is a South Asian country neighboring India.Being a small beach island, Sri Lanka is also rich in many beautiful tourist sites. The country has a proud history of over 2500 years and is a proud Asian nation. During the 16th and 20th centuries, it was captured by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British. The population of the country is almost 22 million. It has nine major provinces and 25 districts. The friendly climate always attracts anyone to the country, where you can go from a hot, humid place to a cool, breezy place within a few hours.

Colombo is the economic capital of the country, and Kandy, Jaffna, Galle, Matara, and Anuradhapura are the other major cities. Most villages are populated by people who work primarily in agriculture. The people are always humble and welcome foreigners with great hospitality. There are so many places to explore in Sri Lanka. We can say that it is the place that any worldwide traveler must visit.

Best Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

1) Lovely Beaches

As we mentioned earlier, Sri Lanka is a beach destination. Without a no doubt, It looks like a beach Paradise. You can find lovely beaches all around the island. But most of those are situated in the southern, eastern, and south-western areas of the country.

Most popular Beaches in Sri Lanka

  • – Mirissa
  • – Arugam Bay
  • – Weligama
  • – Bentota
  • – Nilaweli
  • – Hikkaduwa
  • – Unawatuna
  • – Negombo
  • – Tangalle Beach


All of these beaches are ideal for any type of water activity. You can do swimming, snorkeling, surfing, diving, or any other water activity there. The gentle waves are friendly for the visitors. The golden or white sandy shorelines allow you to walk long distances along them. Further, you can stay there for a long time, enjoying the sunshine. Mornings and evenings will produce colorful images that will allow you to capture some amazing photographs.Other than these things, beaches are the first choice of most newlywed couples; therefore, Sri Lanka is a superb destination for honeymoon couples too.

Finally, we can say that having lovely beaches is the first answer to your question of “why to visit Sri Lanka?”


2) Rich Wildlife

Sri Lanka is a small country. But it is rich in wildlife. There are many wildlife sanctuaries all around the country. Wilpattu National Park is the largest wildlife sanctuary, while Yala National Park is the second largest. Sri Lankan leopards are a very famous wild animal that can only be rarely seen in those two wildlife sanctuaries. Yala National Park is the place with the most leopard density.

Sri Lankan elephants are another popular wild animal that can be found in most national parks in Sri Lanka. Among these is Minneriya National Park, where you can see 150–300 elephant groups together during the season. Kumana National Park is a nice spot to see all kinds of birds. Sloth bears, deer, buffalo, crocodiles, and monkeys are the most abundant wild animals in Sri Lanka’s wildlife sanctuaries.


Here are the best national parks to explore wildlife in Sri Lanka;

  • – Yala National Park
  • – Wilpattu National Park
  • – Minneriya National Park
  • – Udawalawe National Park
  • – Kumana National Park
  • – Sinaharaja Forest Reserve
  • – Horton Plains National Park
  • – Gal Oya National Park
  • – Wasgamuwa National Park
  • – Kaudulla National Park


3) Taste Foods

Sri Lankan foods are always very tasty and delicious. Rice is the main food for most Sri Lankans. They eat rice and curries with mixed spices as their main meals. They also consume wheat-based foods such as bread, shortbread, and rotti. Dhal curry is more common in Sri Lankan curries, and it’s ideally suitable with any Sri Lankan food.

Some of the unique foods in Sri Lanka are, Hoppers, String Hoppers, Kottu, Malu Embul Thiyal, Batu Moju, and Polos. Those have a very unique taste and will definitely attract anyone to eat more. Sinhalese make special foods for their festival times. Kevum, Kokis, Mun, Aluwa, and Milk Rice are some of those special foods. Hindus and Muslims also make special foods during their festivals.

If you visit coastal areas in Sri Lanka, you can taste delicious seafood. Sri Lankan fruits are always delicious. This can include mango, pine apple, wood apple, rambutan, waraka, and papaya. These delicious foods are always a good reason to visit Sri Lanka.


4) Scenic Views and Locations

Sri Lanka is the country with the most diverse topographical features. From sea level to 2500 m, the elevation changes. That has made for amazing locations to visit in Sri Lanka. The central part of Sri Lanka is covered with mountains. These mountains are superb for hiking and trekking. The mountaintop views are wonderful, with scenic views. As well as the many cascading waterfalls in central Sri Lanka, Bambarakanda and Diyaluma Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in the country. If you can drive to central Sri Lanka via a specific route, you will undoubtedly enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Traveling through tea estates won’t bring you so many lovely feelings anymore. To catch these views, you should take a train ride from Colombo to Ella. The coastal routes are also very scenic, with some great views along them. Therefore, we can say that this is another major reason for a visitor to consider Sri Lanka.


5) Friendly Climate

Sri Lanka is a tropical country near the equator. As a result, it has a much hotter and more humid climate than most other countries on the planet. This will impress people from colder countries and draw them to Sri Lanka. Most of the coastal areas of the island are hot. However, sea breezes reduced the temperature by a smaller amount. If you are someone who loves these conditions, then Sri Lankan beach areas are superb spots for your vacation. The central part of Sri Lanka is much cooler than other areas of the island. Nuwara Eliya is the coldest area, with an average temperature of around 15’C. If you visit Kandy, you will encounter a climate that is both cold and hot.

In any given location in Sri Lanka, rainfall ranges between 950 and 5500 mm. Therefore, there is not much of a wet or dry country to notice. Another specialty of Sri Lanka is that you can travel from a hot area to a cold area within a few hours. Therefore, it is an ideal country for anyone in the world.


6) Rich History

As we mentioned earlier, Sri Lanka is a proud nation with over 2500 years of written history. It is believed that Sri Lanka’s written history began in the 6th century BC, after King Vijaya came to the country from India. Anuradhapura was the first capital of the country, and it continued from the 5th century BC to the 11th century AD. The kingdom then moved to Polonnaruwa, where it remained from the 11th to the 13th centuries AD. If you visit both Anuradhapura and the Polonnaruwa area, then you can see the ancient ruins of those kingdoms. They are absolutely wonderful to see.

Later, Sri Lanka was ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch, and English during the period from the 16th century to the 20th century. Galle Fort tells the story of Sri Lanka’s European history. Historians also believe prehistoric people lived in Sri Lanka. They’ve also found a slew of evidence to back this up.The Cultural Trail in Sri Lanka is the place to go if you want to learn more about Sri Lanka’s rich history.

Another reason to visit Sri Lanka, we can say, is its rich history.


7) Cultural Diversity

Sri Lanka is a multireligious and multiethnic country. The majority of the population speaks Sinhala, while others speak Tamil or English. Buddhism is the main religion in the country. But there are some portions of Muslims, Hindus, and Christians. The majority of Sinhalese are Buddhists, and religion has greatly influenced their way of life.They celebrate the Vesak and Poson festivals as their main religious festivals. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year festival in April is a special festival celebrated by both Sinhalese and Tamils. Apart from celebrating Thai Pongal and Deepavali as their main religious festivals, Muslims also celebrate the Ramazan festival.

Kandy Esala Perahera is another cultural festival that every tourist must see in Sri Lanka. It is held every July or August in Kandy. These cultural differences can be considered another good reason to visit Sri Lanka for any kind of traveler.


8) Water Sports and Adventure

If you are a lover of water sports or interested in adventure activities, then it’s a nice reason to visit Sri Lanka. The country is a paradise for water sports. The Sri Lankan beaches are superb for surfing, windsurfing, diving, and snorkeling. Some rivers are also ideal for boating. Madu River is a nice place for boating in Sri Lanka.

Kithulgala is a superb place for whitewater rafting in Sri Lanka. It is a nice adventure activity that you should try out in Sri Lanka. As well as finding some special adventure activities in famous tourist locations like Ella City,

Tourism in Sri Lanka

Tourism is one of Sri Lanka’s major income sources. Nearly one million people interacted with the tourism industry. According to economic sources, the industry earned $4 billion in net income in 2018. The industry then shrank during the 2019–2022 period due to COVID and other conditions in the country. Since 2022, it has been growing rapidly, and it is planning to reach its highest level in 2025. Apart from 3- and 5-star hotels, now Sri Lankans are building 7-star hotels to provide luxury experiences for tourists. They have plenty of lodging options, and they intend to add more than 100,000 rooms in the near future. The government is always pressuring the industry to grow. They are now looking to find new travel destinations, develop infrastructure facilities, introduce new adventure activities, etc.

According to these facts, we can say that the future of the Sri Lankan tourism industry is absolutely good. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for tourists to visit Sri Lanka after 2022.

The Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

There is no best season to visit Sri Lanka. It is always available for anyone on any day. The reason for this saying is quite simple. Because there are many places in Sri Lanka that can meet tourist expectations at any time.

The best time to visit southern coastal areas is from November to February. But these beaches are not suitable during the May–September season. In any case, the best time to visit the eastern coast is between May and September. As a result, beachgoers need not be concerned. There is always a welcoming beach nearby for them. The temperature is not much different in any location, so they should not think any more about temperature when choosing a place to visit.

However, most tourists visit Sri Lanka during the period of November to February because of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere.

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In this post, we have given you enough details about Sri Lanka and the 8 best reasons to visit there. As well, we have talked about future tourism in Sri Lanka, the best time to visit there, and why to visit Sri Lanka with The Visit Lanka Tours. We believe we have provided sufficient information to answer the question “why visit Sri Lanka?” So, if you are satisfied with the answers, then we request that you share this post with your friends on social media.


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